Scott Adkins And Wu Jing In First SPECIAL FORCE: WOLF WARRIOR Teaser

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Chinese martial arts star Wu Jing sits in the director's seat for the upcoming Special Force: Wolf Warrior - a project previously known just as Wolf - but you know he's not going to let his international co-star Scott Adkins have all the fun on screen so, yep, Wu is up there kicking ass, too.

What happens when you put two of the world's most gifted screen fighters on screen together? Well, the first teaser for Special Force: Wolf Warrior has arrived so you can look for yourself. Wu has a definite fondness for a mid 80s vibe as a director so fans of the classics, take note ... and check out the teaser below.
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  • muckerman

    I'm in, but did they use pretty much the same exact title graphic as Special ID?

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