Robots Revolt In High Octane Proof Of Concept For BOT WARS

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While the premise for JV Kade's young adult scifi novel Bot Wars is nothing particularly original - the premise of robotic helpers gaining consciousness and rebelling for more rights lifts liberally from I, Robot and The Terminator making several other stops along the way - but these things are all about the execution and knowing your target audience and so it has proved rather popular. Which no doubt has a little something to do with how it crossed the paths of young filmmakers Steffen Hacker and Alexander Kiesl who have put together a very impressive proof of concept reel for a proposed feature adaptation.

The full proof of concept video reportedly runs around five minutes and while that long reel is not yet available online they have released a minute and a half long teaser to show off their design work and the scope of the action and it's sure to turn some heads. Check it out below.
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  • Mehaillien Thundercross

    It's like Transformers and Real Steel mixed up in a batch of awesome.

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