Michael Jai White Ain't Your Regular Tourist In Kick-Ass FALCON RISING Trailer

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Director Ernie Barbarash recently wrapped on Pound Of Flesh in China with Jean Calude Van Damme, but before that hits our screens, take a look at his Brazil-set martial arts revenge thriller Falcon Rising (formerly titled Favella) starring Michael Jai White.

The Undisputed II star plays an ex-marine who heads into the favellas to wage a one-man war against the yakuza after his aid worker wife is brutally murdered. Based on the trailer below, this could be lots of fun indeed.
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  • Hanajun Chung

    Damn this looks awesome. I really enjoy MJW's work, and he's just a beast in "Blood and Bone."

  • Rage72

    Awesome!!I don't understand why MJW isn't used more in mainstream action films! It's just a travesty that him and Scott Adkins are relegated to b movies.

  • Pat

    So true!!

  • Yojimbo

    Cool Michael jai White needs to do more films every time I hear his voice I think of Black Dynamite and the cartoon theme tune starts playing in my head.

  • Heijoshin

    He absolutely does need to be doing more films. A lot more in my opinion but when I hear his voice I think of Blood and Bone and how much of a bad-ass he is.

    As much as I love Black Dynamite I really hope that doesn't end up being the film that he's most known for. He had so much talent and while he has done a lot of different things, TV, Movies and more, I don't feel like he has yet to reach the level of recognition that he truly deserves.

    I even enjoy listening to interviews with him. The guy really seems to be a class act and not just a Martial Arts actor but a real Martial Artist to boot with a good mind, voice and wealth of talent. Kind of a total package kind of guy.

    I know I'm talking him up quite a bit but I have a very high opinion of him and I believe he deserves the recognition.

  • Pat

    "Who the hell is interrupting my kung fu!?"

  • Art Vandelay

    I know, right? Same here. SUEY!!!!

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