Malaysia's Mamat Khalid Shifts Gears With Crime Comedy THE ADVENTURES OF AMIR & LOQMAN

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Malaysia's Mamat Khalid has got himself a good thing going. The director has been packing audiences in to theaters en masse with his hugely popular series of 'Banana Village' horror comedies for a few years now, the films rough and ready roasting of local tradition proving a massive success. But not one to rest on past successes, Khalid is the sort of guy who is simply always working and while village humor has been his stock in trade for a while now - even films not part of the Banana Village series such as the recent Rock Oo had a similar setting - he's breaking things up with the upcoming crime comedy The Adventures Of Amir & Loqman (Amir & Loqman Pergi Ke Laut).

Amir & Loqman, two lowly criminals who are just not cut out for the life of crime, resort to trying their hands at robbing money changers upon learning that they must pay a whopping RM30,000 to exit the 'Brotherhood' they once so badly wanted to join. They now want only one thing - to set up a cafe by the sea and to spend the rest of their days serving beer to beautiful foreigners! They are oblivious to the fact that the Brotherhood are being hunted and viciously killed by three mysterious assassins. Will Amir & Loqman manage to escape the Brotherhood... alive?

The full trailer for Khalid's latest has arrived online and while there are no subtitles available it's good to see him embracing a bit more of a high gloss, formal technique on this one after the more guerrilla style of his recent work. Take a look below.
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