Love Is HARD TO GET In Slick South African Crime Romance

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The opening slot at the 2014 Durban International Film Festival belongs to Hard To Get, the debut feature from Zee Ntuli. And while the title promises that the lead actress may be hard to get this one certainly doesn't look hard to love, with the trailer promising a blend of the sort of gritty action that made last year's actioner iNumber Number such a hit in these parts with an underworld romance.

Here's how the festival describes it:

This luminous debut from South African writer-director Zee Ntuli tells of TK (Pallance Dladla), a handsome young womanizer with trust issues who is thrust into Joburg's underworld when he falls for Skiets (Thishiwe Ziqubu), a beautiful, reckless young woman who earns her living as a petty criminal. But If TK is to have any chance with her, he will have to survive a gauntlet of wilfully dangerous undertakings. Produced by Junaid Ahmed and Helena Spring, Hard To Get is a an action fuelled love story overflowing with visual poetry and promises great things to come from Ntuli.
Check out the trailer below!

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