Latin Beat: Mexico's Romantic Comedies, Plus CANTINFLAS; Peru's Apocalyptic Comedy JAPY ENDING

Peter Martin, Managing Editor
Mexico is in love with romantic comedies at the moment, according to Eric Ortiz Garcia, our correspondent in Mexico, and that includes the upcoming Casi Treinta and Amor de Mis Amores. He's already seen one, so he has comments on that, plus the trailers for both. He also has a Spanish-language trailer for Cantinflas, a bio-pic about the popular star. 

Meanwhile, Ernesto Zelaya Minano tells us that Peru is expecting the apocalyptic comedy Japy Ending, which features a "who's who" of local celebrities. He's got the trailer, too. 

Plus, just for fun: the Spanish-language poster for Guardians of the Galaxy, which releases August 1 and is pretty much the same all around the world ...

Eric Ortiz Garcia and Ernesto Zelaya Miñano contributed to this story.

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