Introducing Durban 2014: Seaside South African Cinema At The Durban International Film Festival

Stuart Muller, Contributing Writer (South Africa)
Ah Durban! South Africa's cultural melting pot of English, Afrikaner, Indian, and Zulu. Famous for her sunny beaches and busy harbour; infamous for her cauterizing curries and wizardly weed. I grew up in the central green foothills you can see below, half an hour from those miles of golden sand. The snowcapped mountain range in the distance is the Drakensberg, named for the vast dragon's back it resembles. You may well have seen those mountains up close if you've ever watched Cry, The Beloved Country, or the historical war films Zulu and Zulu Dawn.

Durban is also home to Southern Africa's longest running and largest film festival, and as a local boy it gives me the giddys to introduce Twitch's virgin coverage of the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), which kicks off today, July 17. 

I'll be sinking my teeth into the South African fare on show, and you can watch trailers for the films I'm most anticipating in the gallery below. Several will be making their African or World premieres, so Durbanites, get out and soak up some seaside cinema! 

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