Guillermo Del Toro Planning 'Really Bizarre' Film Before PACIFIC RIM 2

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One of the things that has made Guillermo Del Toro such a fascinating talent to watch is his refusal to lock himself into any one way of doing things, the man moving easily and consistently between big studio projects and smaller indie fare from project to project. And lest you had any fear that the run from the massive Pacific Rim to the merely very, very large Crimson Peak and on to the once-again-massive Pacific Rim 2 would spell the end of his smaller and more personal output, well put those fears to rest for Del Toro has spilled to Collider that he plans to shoot a small black and white, "really bizarre" film before getting into principal photography on Pacific Rim 2.

Del Toro is playing deliberately coy with the details, not giving up a name or any plot points, only that he hopes to cast John Hurt and an unspecified up and coming actress and that it will include "one great creature". Whatever it is, at least he's not going to keep us waiting long. Read all the details here.
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