GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: New Extended Trailer Brings Back The Quirk With Loads Of New Footage

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Ah, Mr Gunn. There you are. Nice to see you again.

After a delightfully quirky promotional campaign befitting the sensibilities of Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn - helmer of Slither and Super - it seems the folk at Marvel got a little spooked leading up to the full theatrical trailer of the film and made that one something with all the edges and oddities buffed out of it. No ooga chaka. No Peter Serafinowicz. And while it might have made the marketing suits happy it certainly did nothing at all for those of us who want to see this purely because it's a Marvel movie that feels so very, very different from every other Marvel movie. And Marvel seems to have gotten that message because they've just released another trailer - a pretty lengthy one - loaded up with new footage and a whole lot of Gunn's quirky sense of humor put back in.

You want a trailer that embraces the inherent oddity of having a talking raccoon and sentient tree teaming up to save the galaxy? This is that trailer. Check it out below.
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