First Images From TALE 52 Director's WEDNESDAY 04:45

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
It was all the way back in the autumn of 2008 that we first wrote about Greek director Alexis Alexiou and his mind bending debut film Tale 52, a great favorite of ours in the Toronto International Film Festival selection that year. The current wave of Greek cinema was not even a glimmer on the horizon at that point and Alexiou was largely overlooked as a result but he returns this year with his long awaited - by me, anyway - sophomore effort, Wednesday 04:45.

32 hours into the life of Stelios, a small time night-club owner in Athens, who struggles to salvage his bankrupt business from the loan-sharks as the city and the country go up in flames.
With the film now in post production we've got a look at the first images. Take a look in the gallery below.

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