Fantasia 2014: We've Seen Footage From SPRING, REDEEMER, WE ARE STILL HERE, TURBO KID, And More

Andrew Mack, Associate Editor, News
For the first time since the Frontières International Co-Production Market began, we were treated to a taste of how some films that got their start on the market floor and other projects being made by friends of the festival were coming along. We saw teasers and clips from Turbo Kid, We Are Still Here, Some Kind of Hate, Why Horror?, June, Redeemer, and Spring

Some of these films are still locking down edits. Some are deep into post production. All of these are awesome projects. This is not a review, more so a summary of impressions about the footage that we saw. To cast any judgement on any of these teasers and clips would be unfair to the filmmakers and producers and likely result in me being cast onto the Saint Lawrence River on an ice flow. Which would suck because we are deep into summer and the anxiety of waiting for the river to freeze over in December would kill me. 

Fuck Comic-Con! These are the real teasers I was looking forward to seeing.
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