Fantasia 2014: MARK OF KANE Gets A Teaser Poster

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Preparations begin in earnest as filmmakers prepare for the Frontières International Co-Production Market. Filmmaker Justin McConnell (The Collapsed) and co-writer Serena Whitney are no exception as they present their Off-Frontières selection Mark of Kane, the adaptation of Michael Prescott's novel Kane. We have their first teaser poster to share with you. 

To create the poster they have enlisted the help of Omar Hauksson- Twitch alumni, hip hop artist turned poster artist, and keeper of one of the finest beards in all of Iceland. Omar's work speaks for itself. He did work for both Raid films, tiff selection Proxy, the poster for one of Justin's previous flicks The Collapsed and homegrown flicks like Metalhead

McConnell and Whitney are currently whittling down the 300+ page novel to an acceptable, and adaptable level. They will also produce the flick with Avi Federgreen along with two horror filmmakers Adam Mason and George Mihalka. 

If you will like to read the source material Prescott's novel was re-released in ebook format at Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

You will find a larger version below as well as an alternate. 
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