DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Trailer Makes A Stand With Wit

, U.S. Editor
Justin Simien's Sundance darling Dear White People is coming to US theaters October 17, so today we get the full trailer for the college set satire. And it's quite chatty.

Then again, when things get this racial and political almost all the cards are on the table for the players to see. Simien's sharp grasp of the satirical, without downplaying character for mere points value, has already won over many festival audiences. Will a wider audience catch on?

While the trailer feels a little one-note, there seems to be a smart, subversive, and even a little wacky film hiding underneath. I see Whit Stillman levels of snarky collegiate anxiety mixed with shades of National Lampoonery, all aiming to address the "Obama Age" of race in America. The trailer is embedded below. What's your take?     
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  • wikig1itch

    Looks terrific, hopefully this comes to Australian shores sometime this year as well.

  • 60hz

    looks hilarious - looking forward to this! I'm sure spike lee is jealous :-/

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