Beauty Gets Burned In Creepy Trailer For SCANDAL: THE COMEBACK

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Finally, the full official trailer of Scandal: The Comeback arrives and makes viewers feel creepy because the level of back-stabbing in show business in this sequel may be even more cruel than the first one. You can see the beautiful actress Bella (by Trang Nhung) writhing on the operating table or panicky call for help on the burning boat, screaming with the face on fire.

The trailer also shows more clearly the true face of the plastic surgery doctors (by Chi Bao). The story looks promising and twisted like usual for directorVictor Vu with many mysteries involved.

Scandal: The Comeback is the story of Bella, a once-famous actress trying to recapture her old glory days with the help of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery fails and Bella dies on the operating table. But a few months later, Bella suddenly comes back. 
Scandal: The Comeback is scheduled for release in Vietnam this September.
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