Watch This: Slamdance Winning Short Film THE GREGGS

, U.S. Editor
Winner of the Spirit of Slamdance award at, you guessed it, this year's Slamdance Film Festival, The Greggs asks a simple question: Where do standardized tests come from?

The answer is far sillier, far wackier, and far more frightening than one would think. And that's all thanks to the rather brilliant comedy stylings of Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Jessie Levandov, Rob Malone, Alex Mechanik, Kira Pearson & Jonathan Rosenblit. With such a gaggle one would expect something as such anyway.

So the good news is that indie-champion site NoBudge is hosting the online premiere of the short film, which means you can go there right now and delight in all things Gregg. 
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