New UTOPIA Season 2 Trailer Goes Deeper Into The Conspiracy

One of the best television shows of last year is returning for another season!

Utopia, a dark, stark thriller about a world-wide conspiracy about a graphic novel that reveals a plot to decimate the majority of the world's population, was a major hit, and deservedly so. A fantastic story, great acting, incredible cinematography and a cracking music score made it one of the most intense and frightening dramas I've seen in a long time. From my mini-review: "Blackmail, global politics, prostitution, pandemics; these are big topics, but they are handled on a human enough scale that you feel the pressure and the possibility."

While the first season wrapped up in a dark yet satisfactory manner, there is still a lot more story there. The three main people unwittingly caught up in the sinister plot: Beck, Ian, and Wilson Wilson (that's not a typo) are back, along with Jessica, the key to the plot, and her former nemesis Arby (played by the wonderul Neil Haskell). It appears the conspiracy is going ahead, but not before they likely try to stop it. It's due to broadcast on UK television next month, and we've got the first trailer below.
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