When the opportunity presented itself to see George Miller's car-pocalypse cult spectacular The Road Warrior on the big screen in Toronto a dodging of the R rating was necessary for Willem (age 11), but his younger sister Miranda (age 9) was not ready for the old ultra-violence and had to pass. Thus, Willem is flying solo for this episode of Kids Talk Film.

Here he talks about the last of the V8 Interceptors, the nature of surprise in action movies, Lord Humungus's over-muscled body, the humorous relationship between Max and the gyro-copter pilot, and how we are well on our path to Mad Max's post-apocalypse world.

Twitch has been on the Internet long enough that many of its writing staff have children old enough to understand and consume media in a way that is both raw and fresh. It might even come with an inkling of consideration afterwards -- it's true that many of us fall in love with the movies when we are very young. Thus, we are offering you the perspective of smaller children as they react to seeing classic film-making on the big screen.  

In the past, Willem and his sister Miranda have discussed movies ranging from Ridley Scott's Alien and Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, to Gore Verbinki's Rango and Honda Ishirō's Gojira. Many of these these episodes, including a 15 film series on Studio Ghibli, can be found in the Twitch archives or at the Kids Talk Film Channel on Vimeo.

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  • Nana and Poppa

    We are both so proud of you ,Willem and your sister ,Miranda ,keep it up ;great job.

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