Refn's Next Will Be I WALK WITH THE DEAD

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Those most eager for a new film by Nicolas Winding Refn have no doubt been aware of the title I Walk With The Dead. It's been one of the Dane's long discussed projects, an all-female horror flick, that at one time had Carey Mulligan's name whistling through the rumor mill. While Mulligan may be a no show, Refn announced via his Twitter that I Walk With The Dead will indeed be his next film.

refn_tweet_june_2014.pngThe screenplay was written by 27-year old British playwright Polly Stenham. Stenham gained initial acclaim for her debut play That Face, about a maniacal middle-class matriarch and her destructive children. Her work has been described as "blackly comic". Considering that Refn, a director known for films with a certain brooding machismo, has repeatedly said he doesn't know how to write women, this sounds like a fine team-up to me.

While last year's Only God Forgives was much maligned by those expecting another Drive, both Ryland and I were over the moon on Refn's expressionistic eastern-western on power and family. A full up horror flick from the guy should be, at the very least, eyebrow raising.

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  • DJ_BobbyPeru

    He said he was interested in directing Jodorowsky's The Incal, which I hope to see one day. This one sounds interesting, though.

  • Awesome.
    Love Refn's latest efforts and really dug Only God Forgives.
    Felt very Kubrickian to me...
    Shine on you crazy, color-blind diamond...

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