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Filming is underway on Miike Takashi's gangster-horror mash-up Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld, which stars Ichihara Hayato (All About Lily Chou-Chou) opposite Indonesian martial arts star Yayan Ruhian (The Raid, The Raid 2), as a sensitive young yakuza who discovers his allegedly indestructible boss is actually a vampire.

A new image has just been released, featuring Ichihara and Ruhian squaring off in one of many epic encounters in what is reported to be a pretty blood-soaked fantasy rumble. Nikkatsu is producing, with Miike directing a script penned by Yamaguchi Yoshitaka (Arcana, Samurai Cat). Expect to see the film hitting screens sometime in 2015. 

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Akira (Hayato Ichihara) admires Genyo Kamiura who is the most powerful yakuza. Genyo Kamiura has been targeted numerous times, but has never died. He is called the invincible person. 

Because of Genyo Kamiura, Akira enters the world of the yakuza. His yakuza colleagues treats him like an idiot, Akira can't even get tattoos because of his sensitive skin. Akira becomes disappointed in the yakuza world, because it's not like what he say in the movies. Especially, in terms of loyalty and charity depicted of the yakuza. 

An assassin is then sent to take out Genyo Kamiura. The killers know that Genyo Kamiura is a vampire. 
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