Blood Spilled In Teaser For Vietnamese Thriller SCANDAL: THE COMEBACK

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The first teaser trailer for Scandal: The Comeback has been released online. It shows us some glimpses into the dark side of the showbiz industry and their obsessions with plastic surgery. This teaser doesn't show much, but you'll feel the nebulous atmosphere right after hearing the score by Christopher Wong. 

After the box-office hit Vengeful Heart became the highest-grossing film ever in Vietnam, veteran director Victor Vu once again explores scandalous showbiz with some touches of horror.

Scandal: The Comeback is the story of Bella, a once-famous actress trying to recapture her old glory days with the help of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery fails and Bella dies on the operating table. But a few months later, Bella suddenly comes back. 

Scandal: The Comeback is scheduled for release in Vietnam this September.
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