Aubrey Plaza Is Feeling A Bit Peckish In Trailer For Zombie RomCom LIFE AFTER BETH

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Beth (Aubrey Plaza) was dead but she's back now. And that's good news, right? Right? Her parents (John C Reilly and Molly Shannon) certainly want to think so, as does her bereaved boyfriend (Dane DeHaan) but ... well ... be careful what you wish for, etc etc.

Zombified romantic comedy Life After Beth had its world premiere in competition in Sundance this year and with distributor A24 now gearing up for the theatrical release the first teaser has arrived online. This one's R rated, so you can expect a little more bite than what you got in similarly themed efforts such as Warm Bodies, but you'll get a taste of its distinct flavor in the trailer below.

[In the interest of full disclosure, XYZ Films - where I'm a partner - is the international sales agent on this one. that's because we like it.]
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