Watch The Teaser For Hong Kong Sci-Fi Project VIRTUS

FATface Production, the Hong Kong-based VFX studio behind Tai Chi Zero and Storm Warriors, ventures into its own independent sci-fi project, Virtus. The following teaser is in fact a proof of concept video but it's unclear if its for a potential feature length film or a short.

There isn't much info about the project other than its directed by Kofai, a veteran visual effects supervisor at FATface. The film's Mech concept designer is Long Ouyang who recently designed the Green Goblin suit on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  One thing's for sure, and that's it's loaded with high-concept robots with quality visual effects; a welcoming surprise in an arena not exactly known for this type of genre. 

You'll find the 40-second PoC embedded below.

VIRTUS from FATface on Vimeo.

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  • Jeffrey Scott Richards

    I wonder if titles are copyrighted? My 2014 film (which is for sale on Amazon) is called Virtus.

  • waldomarek

    looks a lot like robots from elysium.

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