Trailer For HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE Offers Obsession And Emotion

We are big fans of Beauty Day here at Twitch (full disclosure, I contributed to a commentary track on the DVD) and are happy to see documentary filmmaker Jay Cheel back with a sci-fi inflected documentary, How To Build A Time Machine.  

A couple of years ago, we reported on this project, which was originally focused on the Jon Titor (a self-proclaimed man from the future) story, but the documentary has evolved a fair ways since then, and has locked in on two subjects: Rob Niosi, a man who has been building a time machine replica (from the classic 1960s film The Time Machine) for many, many years, and PhD Physicist and author Ronald Mallett, who has been researching the nuts and bolts (i.e. mathematics) of time travel for equally as many years.  

Jay Cheel's work tends to be a pretty Twitch-friendly mixture of Errol Morris, John Carpenter, Werner Herzog and Mario Bava. His debut feature, Beauty Dayfocused on the complicated personal life of a man who was doing a cable access Jackass-style show years before Johnny Knoxville and company made that sort of thing famous on MTV.  

His precise cinematography, music, and film making craft, aim to bring out the truth as much as talking heads and historical record. How To Build A Time Machine looks like gorgeous and compelling stuff. The release date is a while off, but I am certainly looking forward to that day arriving. Oh, if I only had a time machine.
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  • Aleks

    Consider me teased, hypnotic stuff.

    Traveling back in time will probably never happen, but I like how all we need to travel forward in time is a vehicle capable of reaching the speed of light, without killing its passengers while doing so, of course.

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