THE NIGHT COMES FOR US Unveils More Cast Via Instagram

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Now that The Raid 2 and Killers are out in the wild, the talents behind those two awesome slices of Indonesian action are collaborating on the dark action thriller The Night Comes For Us, where things are shaping up very nicely indeed. The last time Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto collaborated was on the sensational Safe Haven chapter of V/H/S 2, and this time Tjahjanto is directing a script penned by the both of them, while Evans produces and handles action direction. 

Already on board are Joe Taslim and Yayan Ruhian, familiar faces to any pre-existing fans of The Raid who may be out there, as well as Hammer Girl herself, Julie Estelle. Now, via the production's official Instagram feed, we have a few more names to add to the cast: Arifin Putra (Uco from The Raid 2), Oka Antara (Eka from The Raid 2) and Rio Dewanto (Joko Anwar's Modus Anomali), as well as the gorgeous but equally deadly Prisia Nasution (Sang Penari) and Kelly Tandiono (L is for Libido - The ABCs Of Death). 

Currently in pre-production, The Night Comes For Us is being produced by PT Merantau Films and XYZ Films, where yup, a few of us Twitch folk are also known to spend our days.

Here's the skinny:

Joe Taslim will star as Ito, a Gangland Enforcer who returns to his local crime family in Jakarta after a stint with the notorious South East Asian Triad. He returns to find himself trapped in a word of betrayal and chaos as the Triad is moving towards a bloody campaign of territorial expansion.

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  • Erik

    This should be awesome. Nice to see Oka Antara again. That dude was awesome in The Raid 2. Well, everyone was awesome in The Raid 2.

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