THE INBETWEENERS 2: First Teaser Takes Schoolboy Antics To The Outback

, Managing Editor

The first teaser for The Inbetweeners 2, the sequel to the hit comedy The Inbetweeners Movie, based on the British TV series, has been released via the official Facebook page, and it's brief and to the point.

As our own Andrew Mack reported when it was first announced in August 2012, the first movie "was the biggest opening for a comedy ever in the UK; eclipsing records previously held by sequels to the Bridget Jones and The Hangover movies. It was made on a bare budget of $5.5 million and took $71 million at the U.K. box office."

No plot details have been revealed, as far as I can determine, though the teaser suggests the boys are taking their antics to Australia. The principal cast is returning, so chances are, if you liked the first movie, you'll like the second.

The sequel is heading for release in cinemas in August 2014.

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