Sakaguchi Is RE:BORN In Reunion With DEATH TRANCE Helmer

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Tak is back.

After 'retiring' under confusing circumstances last year with multiple takes on what was actually happening floating around in various reports from inside sources, Japanese action star Sakaguchi Tak of Versus fame is headed back to the big screen. Sakaguchi's comeback comes with the appropriately titled Re:Born, a film that will reunite him with his Death Trance director and frequent fight choreographer / collaborator Shimomura Yuji.

Scheduled for production in 2015 no plot details have been released thus far but Sakaguchi will be auditioning actors and fighters for the project in mid August and has just released the video below to spread the word. While much of Sakaguchi's work has been in the ultra low budget realm where he doesn't get to really compete on equal footing with the Yen's and Jaa's of the world he remains an enormous physical talent and hugely charismatic screen presence which makes his return very welcome news. And Shimomura? Well, there's a reason Donnie Yen has made him a consistent collaborator ... Shimomura is simply one of the best fight men in the world and his work on Death Trance proved he's got chops as a director as well. This is one worth anticipating.
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  • Zwanster

    Why the retirement in the first place? This little video is so solemn, almost seems like he has some sort of terrible disease that he knows is going to finish him off...

  • Jason Gray

    Japanese talent agency woes can make one feel that way. He's recovered now, though.

  • muckerman

    We just saw the guy last year in Why don't you play in hell? He hasn't been gone. I understand people being excited to see him in a new movie, but don't understand they hype of a comeback. Where the f did he really go?

  • Art Vandelay

    YES! This has made my day. I'm glad he's back! For at least one movie or more, I don't care. Welcome back, Tak!

  • RoboticPlague

    Last movie....doubtful. When Versus 2 get's made I am sure he will jump on board.

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