Pretty Packaging: Take A Look At The French WORLD WAR Z Limited Edition

Ard Vijn, Associate Editor, Features
(Like a zombie I stumbled across something very palatable-looking!)

Despite its massive cost-overruns and being sniggered at by the press upon its release, World War Z was actually profitable, doing decent business across the globe. Me, I like the film, even though it still seems unfinished, and the design materials only point out how much epic potential has been missed. But it has a couple of great moments, and the unrated version actually provides just enough gore to qualify for the genre. So I wanted to buy the Blu-ray for my collection.

Now when I buy a film on Blu-ray these days, I always go for the 3D option when given half the chance. I mean, if it's THERE, why not? In the case of World War Z this proved problematic as the Dutch 3D version was gone from shops in no time. Oh well, since it's a Warner Brother film, any of the nearby countries was a safe bet to find the exact same disc, and therefore I started looking around Europe. Which is how I came across the French Limited Edition, and had to do a double-take.

Apparently the French liked the film better than most people did. Either that, or they are genetically incapable of NOT giving a film a great-looking release?

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