Matt Johnson's CIA Thriller OPERATION AVALANCHE Gets North American Distribution

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Canadian filmmaker Matt Johnson caused quite a stir last year with The Dirties, his feature-length debut, in which he starred with Owen Williams in a thriller that tackled the subject of high school shootings with daring and intelligence. 

His follow-up, Operation Avalanche, "investigates the truth behind the CIA's involvement in the space race" and promises to be just as invigorating as his debut. According to a press release, Lionsgate has snapped up all U.S. and Canadian rights to the film. Production is scheduled to begin on June 30 in Toronto, Houston, and Washington D.C. 

From the official statement: 

"The CIA, the 1960's and the space program have always been obsessions of mine. Working with partners like Lionsgate, who understand the scope and vision of what we are creating, has been a pleasure. This movie is going to leave audiences with a powerful and imaginative interpretation of what may or may not have happened within the walls of the US's top government agencies," said Johnson. 

Johnson is reteaming with members of The Dirties team, including his co-writer Josh Boles, co-star Owen Williams, and producer Matthew Miller. Lee Kim (The Conspiracy) has been added as a producer, and Nick Spicer will serve as executive producer for XYZ Films.

(Full disclosure: XYZ Films, in which Twitch founder and editor Todd Brown is a partner, is involved in the production and sales of the film. He was not involved in the writing or editing of this article.)
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  • Aleks

    Wonder if they're gonna shoot the moon landing scenes on location, you know... in Arizona.

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