Look At These Mosquito Posters From FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY

Ard Vijn, Associate Editor, Features
It is not exactly a secret that Dutch director Richard Raaphorst can draw a mean piece of art when necessary. A few years ago, he basically got the production of Frankenstein's Army rolling on the power of just one of his sketches.

Indeed, he even makes quick portraits of actors during auditions, re-imagining them in full costume on the spot. So when Richard told me he was doing detailed anatomical drawings of some of the monsters in Frankenstein's Army, I was very much interested. And DAMN they looked good! So this is what Richard did: he further developed a very detailed sketch of fan-favorite monster Mosquito, took it to fellow artist Jurriaan Verdoold, and together they created the awesome poster you see below.

And it's for sale, also in an alternate red print. Just saying...

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