GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: New Trailer, More Fun, And "I Am Groot"

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This Guardians of the Galaxy. It could be the dark horse of the summer. And this new trailer is pretty darned fun. And you get to hear Groot for the first time, too. 

I am sold. All the teasers and trailers have hit their mark with me. But recent attempts at the space epic have not fared well. Is this too far away from the Marvel superhero films to still draw that crowd? I hope not. I think this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. I really do hope it goes to the place that's the best. 

If June and July would like to hurry up and make a quick entrance and exit that would be nice. Guardians of the Galaxy opens on August 1. 
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  • Mehaillien Thundercross

    I know nothing of the comics, but this movie looks like fun and easy enough for a newb to figure out.

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