First JU-ON: THE BEGINNING OF THE END Trailer Says You Can Go Back Again

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Here's the most shocking part of the trailer for upcoming Japanese horror film Ju-on: The Beginning of the End - the continuation of a franchise tht exists purely for the purpose of shocking its audience: It looks good. Very good. Sure, original director Shimizu Takashi may have moved on but director Ochiai Masayuki appears to have learned a lesson or two from the previous films as the look and feel is bang on to Shimizu's work. Yep, Toshio o'plenty. Check out the new teaser below.
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  • Zero Lastimosa

    Still LOVE Ju-On 2 and wish they went even further with that. It seems like that movie never got a proper sequel.....

    Anyone know where this movie goes on the Ju-On timeline?

  • wagnerfilm

    Personally, I gotta say, looks uninspired. Is turn of the century J-Horror quite prepared for its revival just yet? I mean, I don't see long-haired ghost women and guttural ghost children sending chills up an audience's spine today, the way they could in 2000.

  • Zeto


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