Fantaspoa 2014: Award Winners Include DER SAMURAI, PROXY, And ASMODEXIA

With the world premiere of Fantaspoa's own production, Jorge and Alberto vs the Neoliberal Demons (directed by the Quintana Brothers from Argentina), the tenth edition of this incredible Brazilian film festival reached to its end on Sunday night (May 25).

Hundreds of films, many Q&A with the filmmakers, and such guests as Lloyd Kaufman, Richard Stanley, Frank Henenlotter, and Nacho Vigalondo, surely gave the fantasy cinema fans an unforgettable time in Porto Alegre. So after little more than weeks of activities, Fantaspoa finally announced the award winning films of this 2014 edition and now you can check them out in the gallery below.

Full disclosure: I was part of the jury for the Zombie Apocalypse section.

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