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Regular readers may remember we showcased the teaser for sci-fi road movie Fonotune - An Electric Fairytale last year. The team has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to pull together the remaining funds necessary to complete their location shoot in, among other places, Utah's stunning salt flats. 

Directed by Fabian Huebner, who made the Uwe Boll documentary Visiting Uwe, produced by Catherine Morawitz and lensed by Jon Britt - who together brought us the exceptional giallo short Yellow back in 2012, Fonotune is a beautiful hybrid of Japanese punk music, European electro, and an American independent spirit, which looks to be coming together fantastically.

Veteran Japanese rock n' roll legend Guitar Wolf Seiji has recently joined the cast, which already includes Visitor Q star Watanabe Kazushi, Yamashita Yuho and punk band Electric Eel Shock, and they're now looking for a little help to wrap the production - which is where you come in. 

Check out the promo video below and visit the official Fonotune Kickstarter page here, and if you like what you see, throw them some green to help them on their way. These guys are the real deal.

About Fonotune - An Electric Fairytale:

Directed by German filmmaker Fabian Huebner (avant*garde and Visiting Uwe), Fonotune blends the cinema of Japan with a comic book and modern graphic design aesthetic to produce a visually striking electric fairytale reminiscent of Daft Punk's Electroma and George Lucas' THX-1138.

Set during a single strange day in an undefined time and place, Fonotune follows the drifter Mono (Huebner), teenage street hooker Stereo (Yamashita Yuho), and lo-fi cowboy Analog (Watanabe Kazushi) on an epic odyssey through an apocalyptic urban landscape to deliver some mysterious cassettes to the enigmatic rocker Blitz (Guitar Wolf Seiji). 
With photography in Japan and Berlin already completed, Fonotune expects to wrap production in summer 2014, with a release in early 2015. 
Future Past Films is an independent production company based in Berlin. In 2012 they premiered the acclaimed Neo-Giallo short Yellow at Film4 Frightfest, and enjoyed a stellar festival run with over 50 appearances worldwide, including Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain, Fantastic Fest in Texas, and Beyond Fest in Los Angeles.

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