Chicago Critics Film Festival 2014: Canfield Delivers His 10 Most Anticipated

The second year for the Chicago Critics Film Festival promises big things. 23 Chicago premieres and 14 shorts combined with appearances from a number of filmmakers and film subjects are just part of why. In many ways the most exciting part of the festival is the way it's curated. The first festival created and curated entirely by critics the CCFF offers an eclectic blend of genre thrills, art house thoughtfulness, and offbeat documentaries in it's week long love affair with the movies because the only real criterion is excellence. It's also refreshingly free of red carpet hype despite the presence of a lot of talent and various industry movers and shakers. It runs Friday May 9-15 at the Music Box Theatre. 

Schedule, a complete list of guests and tickets can be found here

The following are my personal top ten most anticipated screenings.
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