Be Charmed By Full Trailer For Darkly Whimsical Hungarian Fantasy-Romance LIZA, THE FOX FAIRY

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If you detect just a touch of Jean Pierre Jeunet's Amelie in the DNA of Hungarian romantic fantasy Liza, The Fox Fairy I do believe that director Károly Ujj Mészáros would be just fine with that.

Fox-Fairies are evil demons according to Japanese tales that rob the souls of men. Liza, the 35-year-old naive nurse, who wants to find the love of her life in Budapest, thinks she is one of them, since all men attracted to her die on the first date. Can Liza find a man who can survive her?
It was a year and a half back now when we ran the first teaser for this one - back when the picture was still early in production - and with the VFX heavy post production now complete a full trailer (english subtitles included) has been release. Check it out below.
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