Trailer For Richard Linklater's BOYHOOD Charts Just That

, U.S. Editor
An easy like during this year's Sundance was Richard Linklater's latest, and long in the works, Boyhood, which saw the Dazed And Confused helmer shoot the same cast over a 12 year period to chronicle the trials and triumphs (and more often than not little moments) of growing up. As a great admirer of Linnklater's work the film was a shining highlight of my festival, which you can read about more thoroughly in my review. As such, the thing on on my mind upon exiting the theater was: "when can I see this marvelous film again?"

Well, for those in the U.S. that'd be June 11th, or thereabouts it being a limited release. Below is the first trailer, and while it aims for the heartwarming and sweet a little too hard, it's also unmistakeably a Linklater film. Plus, it's quite the trick to craft a fairly standard trailer from a film that doesn't operate under most notions of a typical cinematic narrative.     
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