Preview: Panorama Europe Spotlights New & Old Voices Alike

Ben Umstead, U.S. Editor
As spring finally arrives in the Big Apple so do a swatch of European films that have largely gone unnoticed even on the festival circuit. Leave it to the European Union National Institutes for Culture then to say "Hey, hold up! America, we've got some flicks for ya!" And while I'm sure no one at any of those institutes actually talks like a 1930s movie gangster, that level of enthusiasm for these under-seen movies is no doubt there.

Co-presented with the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, the series that was once known as Disappearing Act returns as the simpler titled, but no less potent Panorama Europe. Starting with tonight's screening of Spain's Unit 7, the fest runs until April 13 at MoMI and the Bohemian National Hall, with features from, but not limited to: Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia and Cyprus.

Dustin Chang has seen a few from the series and now offers up some quick takes. For the full line-up and to purchase tickers, click here for MoMi's Panorama Europe page.   

Dustin Chang contributed to this story.

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