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As the marketing campaign for Oshii Mamoru's live action update to his popular Patlabor series, now is the time where - if this were a conventional giant robot film - we'd be breaking out the big time giant robot action. That's what people want in a giant robot movie, right? Giant robots doing giant roboty things? Well ... Patlabor has always been a series that delights in putting conventional wisdom on its ear and so while, yes, we get giant robots in action in this latest teaser I'll just say it's not quite how you'd expect.

This initial installment of The Next Generation serves as a pilot of sorts for the subsequent television series which will, in turn, be followed by a true theatrical film. Reports thus far are that the show will follow the same model as the original animated series - with goofy, character based comedy gradually giving way to something more serious - and that seems to be very much backed up in this newest look, which teases the second and third episodes of the television series. Check it out below.
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  • chojin999

    This new teaser it's a huge disappointment.

    The production looks cheap and trash as hell. Why bothering rebooting the show if they can't do it right ?

    Didn't they watch Pacific Rim ?
    Even if they don't have that budget ... heck.. the live action movies Space Battleship Yamato and Gantz 1 and Gantz 2 are very good productions made in Japan...

    So.. why producing another bad Patlabor live action like this teaser shows ?

    What a shame!

  • Howard

    meh..not my cup of tea.

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