Get Ready For German Fight Club With Ultra Stylish Trailer For STEREO

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Is director Maximilian Erlenwein aiming for a career as the German David Fincher? Dark moody visuals, a throbbing soundtrack, cold and clinical violence ... yep, his upcoming Stereo has more than a few points of contact with Fincher's signature style.

Eric just wants to lead a mellow life and take care of his motorcycle workshop. He spends his free time with his new girlfriend Julia and her young daughter. It could all be so perfect. But this seemingly happy world comes to an abrupt end when an erie stranger, Henry, forces his way into Eric's life. Like a parasite, there's no shaking him off. His annoying and cynical way of doing things provokes and pushes Eric to the edge of madness. But when more shady characters surface, claiming to know Eric, threatening to do him serious damage if he doesn't join in their dirty business, his life is destined to go right off the rails. Backed into a corner and with no way out, Eric has no choice but to rely on Henry. But can he be trusted?
Moritz Bleibtreu and Jürgen Vogel star. Check out the trailer below.

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