Crowdfund This! Quirky Canadian Comedy SONGS SHE WROTE ABOUT PEOPLE SHE KNOWS!

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
We were big fans of oddball Canadian indie comedy Doppelganger Paul around these parts and now writer and co-director Kris Elgstrand is in prep on his newest offering, the fabulously titled Songs She Wrote About People She Knows, and he's looking for a bit of help to shoot this thing on film rather than digital.

Carol, an emotionally repressed woman, faces the ramifications of honest self-expression when she begins singing songs she wrote about people knows. As she alienates friends and co-workers, Carol unexpectedly inspires her boss, to whom she dedicates the song Asshole Dave, to quit his job, pick up a guitar and attempt to reignite his dream of becoming a rock star. As Dave flounders, Carol begins to hone her unique talents.

Arabella Bushnell and Brad Dryborough star. Check out their campaign video below!

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