Crowdfund This! HP Lovecraft Adaptation THE DREAMLANDS!

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Heads up, fans of HP Lovecraft! The team responsible for previous Lovecraft adaptation Die Farbe are back at it, this time tackling Lovecraft's Dream Cycle with The Dreamlands, and they're looking for your help.

Roland, a troubled young orphan, is led by a mysterious old man into another world. This is a world that has been created over thousands of years by Earth's greatest dreamers while they slept. In this world the old man reigns as king and hopes to train and guide Roland to be his successor.

Unfortunately Roland cannot overcome the dark shadows that weigh upon him and he is forced to decide whether he will use his abilities to keep building the Dreamlands or to destroy what others have already created.

Director Huan Vu and his team have set a lofty goal for themselves, aiming to raise two hundred thousand Euro for the project, so they need fans to step up and help out. Check out the pitch video below.

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