Crowdfund This! David Baddiel And Erran Baron Cohen Bringing THE INFIDEL To The Stage!

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Singing! Dancing! Jihad! 2010 comedy The Infidel proved a hit on screens across Europe and now original writer David Baddiel has teamed up with Erran Baron Cohen - yes, the musically inclined brother of Sacha - to bring the story to the London stage as a live musical.

Based in a London suburb, Mahmud Nasir lives with his pretty wife, Saamiya, and two children, Rashid and Nabi. His son plans to marry Ji-Ji, the step-daughter of Pakistani Arshad Al-Masri, a so-called 'Hate Cleric' from Waziristan, Pakistan. Mahmud, who is not exactly a devout Muslim (he drinks alcohol and does not pray five times) but does agree that he will appease Arshad, without whose approval the marriage cannot take place. Shortly thereafter Mahmud, while going over his recently deceased mother's documents, finds out that he was adopted, his birth parents were Jewish, and his name is actually Solly Shimshillewitz. He conceals this information from his family, and with the help of his neighbor, Leonard Goldberg, tries to understand the Jews and their religion. But on the day of the meeting with Arshad and Ji-Ji, Mahmud will find his life drastically changed. The resulting cultural and religious chaos leads to an uproarious and insightful comedy of identity, race, prejudice and confusion.
The production will be mounted in a not-for-profit space which means, among other things, that producers won't be able to cover their costs from ticket sales alone and so are turning to crowd funding among other measure to make up the shortfall and bring this to life. Check out the pitch video below.

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