Complete Udine Far East Film Festival Lineup Announced

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A great favorite here at Twitch HQ thanks to their always stellar programming, beautiful cinema and amazing hospitality - I've attended once and have kicked myself (hard) every year since when other obligations have prevented my return - the Udine Far East Film Festival have announced their complete lineup for the 2014 edition. And, true to form, it's a quality selection of popular cinema from all across the region. Here's the complete lineup:

Competition Section



Beijing Love Story, CHEN Sicheng, romance, China 2014, International Festival Premiere

Black Coal, Thin Ice, DIAO Yi'nan, noir, China 2014, Italian Premiere

Einstein and Einstein, CAO Baoping, contemporary drama, China 2013, Italian Premiere

Personal Tailor, FENG Xiaogang, moral comedy, China 2013, International Festival Premiere

Tiny Times 1, GUO Jingming, fashion romantic comedy, China 2013, European Premiere

To Live and Die in Ordos, NING Ying, civil drama, China 2013, Italian Premiere



3D Naked Ambition, LEE Kung-lok, arigato-sex-comedy, Hong Kong, 2014, International Premiere

Aberdeen, PANG Ho-cheung, contemporary drama, Hong Kong 2014, International Premiere

As the Light Goes Out, Derek KWOK, action drama, Hong Kong 2013, International Festival Premiere

Firestorm, Alan YUEN, super action-police drama, Hong Kong 2013, European Premiere

From Vegas to Macau, WONG Jing, crime comedy, Hong Kong 2014, International Festival Premiere

Golden Chickensss, Matt CHOW, hilarious courtesan comedy, Hong Kong, 2014, International Festival Premiere

May We Chat, Philip YUNG, youth-drama, Hong Kong 2014, International Premiere

The Midnight After, Fruit CHAN, apocalyptic black comedy, Hong Kong 2014,  Italian Premiere


HK Action-Focus on Dante Lam:

That Demon Within, Dante LAM, überdark thriller, Hong Kong 2014, Italian Premiere

Unbeatable, Dante LAM, action boxing drama, Hong Kong 2013, Italian Premiere



Brontosaurus Love, Fajar NUGROS, comedy, Indonesia 2013, International Festival Premiere

The Raid 2: Berandal, Gareth Huw EVANS, action, Indonesia 2014, European Festival Premiere


JAPAN (11)

Be My Baby, Hitoshi ONE, love'n' lies drama, Japan 2013, European Premiere

Bilocation, MARI Asato, psycho-thriller, Japan 2013,  European Premiere

The Devil's Path, SHIRAISHI Kazuya, violent crime thriller, Japan 2013, European Premiere

The Eternal Zero, YAMAZAKI Takashi, war action melodrama, Japan 2013, International Festival Premiere

Girl's Blood, SAKAMOTO Koichi, all-chicks kick-ass contest, Japan 2014, International Festival Premiere

Fuku-chan of Fukufuku Flats, FUJITA Yosuke, surrealistic comedy, Japan 2014, World Premiere with

Okinawa International Movie Festival

Hello! Junichi, ISHII Katsuhito, KAWAGUCHI Kanoko, YOSHIOKA Atsushi, children comedy, Japan 2014, European Premiere

My Pretend Girlfriend, YAKUMO Saiji, romance, Japan 2014,  World Premiere

The Snow White Murder Case, NAKAMURA Yoshihiro, web crime drama, Japan 2014 European Premiere

Tamako in Moratorium, YAMASHITA Nobuhiro, youth-dramedy, Japan 2013,  Italian Premiere

Thermae Romae II, TAKEUCHI Hideki, peplum-fantasy, Japan 2014, International Festival Premiere



The Journey, CHIU Keng Guan, road-movie, Malaysia 2014, European Premiere



Anita's Last Cha-cha, Sigrid Andrea P. BERNARDO, sapphic-drama, The Philippines 2013, European Premiere (in collaboration with Torino GLBT Film Festival) 

Barber's Tales, Jun Robles LANA, heartfelt dramedy, The Philippines 2014, European Premiere

Shoot To Kill: Boy Golden, Chito S. ROÑO, pop-action-thriller, The Philippines 2013, International Festival Premiere

Dynamite Fishing, Chito S. ROÑO, political drama, The Philippines 2013, International Festival Premiere

If Only, Jerrold TAROG, contemporary romance, The Philippines 2013, European Premiere

Shift, Siege LEDESMA, metropolitan romantic comedy, The Philippines 2013, European Premiere



The Attorney, YANG Woo-seok, legal drama, South Korea 2013, European Premiere

Broken, LEE Jung-ho, crime drama, South Korea 2014, International Festival Premiere

Cold Eyes, KIM Byung-seo, CHO Ui-seok, action thriller, South Korea 201, Italian Premiere

The Face Reader, HAN Jae-rim, period drama, South Korea 2013, European Premiere

Miss Granny, HWANG Dong-hyuk, fantastic comedy, South Korea 2014, International Festival Premiere

The Terror LIVE, KIM Byung-woo, suspense thriller, South Korea 2013, European Premiere

Venus Talk, KWON Chil-in,  coral comedy-drama, South Korea 2013, International Festival Premiere

Very Ordinary Couple, ROH Deok, romance, South Korea 2013, Italian Premiere



Campus Confidential, LAI Chun-yu Donnie, college nerd comedy, Taiwan 2013, European Premiere

KANO, Umin BOYA, sport-drama, Taiwan 2014, European Premiere

Soul, CHUNG Mong-hong, psychodrama, Taiwan 2013, Italian Premiere

Sweet Alibis, LIEN Yi-Chi, crime comedy, Taiwan 2014, European Premiere



Pee Mak, Banjong PISANTHANAKUN, period horror-comedy, Thailandia 2013, European Premiere



Festival sections:

Documentaries (4)

Boundless, Ferris LIN, documentary, Hong Kong 2013, European Premiere

Hello?! Orchestra, LEE Cheol-ha, documentary, South Korea 2013, Italian Premiere

The Road to Fame, HAO Wu, documentary, China 2013, Italian Premiere

The Search for Weng Weng, Andrew LEAVOLD, documentary, Australia-The Philippines 2013, European Premiere


Restored Classics in 2k (In A New Hi-Definition Version) - (6)

Flame in the Valley, KIM Soo-young, drama, South Korea 1967 - 2013, European Premiere

Manila in the Claws of Light, Lino BROCKA, drama, The Philippines 1975 - 2013

Nobody's Child, Richard POH, melodrama, Hong Kong 1960 - 2013

People in a Slum, BAE Chang-ho, social drama, South Korea 1982 - 2013, European Premiere

Good Morning, OZU Yasujiro, comedy-drama, Japan 1959- 2014, European Premiere


HK Fresh Wave Shorts 2013

Fall, WONG Yee-lam

Guilty, WAN King-fai

Mrs. PONG, Ho Cheuk-tin

The Tide, YIM Sheung-man

The festival begins April 25th. Visit the official website here.

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