Behold The Asylum's ASIAN SCHOOL GIRLS

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It seems inevitable that this would happen, really. Having witnessed export oriented cult film imprints such as Sushi Typhoon cater to western audiences hungry for fetishized versions of 'Asian' culture with their deliberately cult offerings the madmen at The Asylum - purveyors of such giant animal versus giant weather films such as Sharknado - have gotten into the act, creating an American fetishization of the Japanese fetishization of the American fondness for 'Asian' splatter film. And it clearly doesn't matter one lick where in Asia we're talking about as the title of Asian School Girls makes clear.

Kidnapped by a Los Angeles crime syndicate, a group of schoolgirls must fight and seduce their way to vengeance, teaching the criminals a lesson in kicking butt and taking names.
Lawrence Silverstein - an exec producer on Bangkok Adrenaline - directs. Take a look at the trailer below.

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  • Would love this if it were produced in Japan. Oh well, "tongue in chic" it is.

  • yeah it is definitely better if this is made in local Japanese girl actress are more beautiful and hotter..

  • Art Vandelay

    Where's Noboru Iguchi when you need him?

  • J Hurtado

    Oh my.

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