Battling Marxists, Feminists And Communist Ninjas To Keep The World Safe For Fascism! Check The CAPTAIN FALCON Trailer Now!

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Fear not, faithful Fascists!In a world gone mad with opportunity for all and equal rights for women one man is standing up for you! The Captain is coming! Yes, Joao Leitao's action comedy Captain Falcon (Capitao Falcao) continues to wend its way through the post production process and with the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution - the end of the Fascist dictatorship in Portugal - arriving tomorrow Twitch is proud to premiere the first Portuguese trailer for the film.

Though this one is very much meant as a trailer for the local audience - meaning there are no subtitles included and the voice over is rife with jokes riffing on typically Portuguese matters - there's still loads for the international audience to love, from the colorful art design to the broad slapstick comedy and surprisingly legitimate action sequences. And also the bra burning. Nothing like a good bra burning. Take a look below!
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  • Sérgio Mayor de Andrade

    When the "dangerous" feminists start burning their Bras, Cap: "Watch Out, Feminist! There's nothing more dangerous than a woman who thinks she's a man!"

  • sda

    great stuff

  • Eric Ortiz

    didn't expect a Zeppelin tune here! nice.

  • Howard

    is that da homie mark dacascos?

  • Nope. All Portuguese cast.

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