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Here is a spot of good news if you like to watch titles that have been popular with the Twitch crowd. Our friends at Well Go USA have started to release some of their titles for free on their website. Titles such as The Man From Nowhere, Legend of the Fist, and Kung Fu Dunk are among the first seven titles to be released. And Well Go USA promises more!

Well Go USA is launching a WATCH NOW tab on our website (www.WellGoUSA.com) where, with a single click, you can watch our movies online - for FREE - using Hulu's embedded player. We've got seven movies up right now, including The Man From Nowhere, 9th Company, Legend of the Fist, Kung Fu Dunk and more...and every month we'll add more titles to the list! 

And it won't just be on the Well Go website. We're also working on a "Watch Now" tab on our Facebook page where you can watch these same movies - all without having to leave the FB page!  

The downside to all this free stuff is that it is only free in the USA via their Hulu player. Must be what they mean by '...land of the free...'. But, our Yankee brothers and sisters, enjoy free movies to your heart's content! 
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  • Thomas Silver

    If it's only available free in the USSA, what's the point telling the rest of us? Guess we just have to settle for the 25 dollar DVD's eh?

  • arturo

    The Man From Nowhere is a great film, love love love it...

  • Well Go Girl

    Thanks for the love, guys! Twitch is the Bestest. :) To get all the latest scoop and skinny, sign up for our newsletter at www.WellGoUSA.com/Subscribe.

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