Twitch Picks the 2014 Oscars

Peter Martin, Managing Editor
Love them -- for honoring the ostensible best-made movies -- or hate them -- for reducing an art form to an insufferably smug horse race -- the Academy Awards can inspire and provoke discussion about movies like nothing else. And though it's horribly biased toward Hollywood, the world still tunes in to the annual broadcast to watch the stars, to argue about the winners, and to catch a glimpse of what Hollywood thinks of itself. (Hint: too much!) 

In that spirit, a half-dozen of my colleagues here at Twitch have pitched in to help me pick the Oscar winners. Some chose the "should win / will win" formula, which is always popular, but others of us went with the tried-and-true "if I had a vote" gambit. Click through the gallery below to be reminded of the nominees, see our picks, and then watch the broadcast tonight (Sunday, March 2) to see who actually takes home the Oscars. (Thanks to Eric Ortiz Garcia for creating the photo collages.) 

Ard Vijn, Eric Ortiz Garcia, Jason Gorber, Jim Tudor, Kurt Halfyard and Shelagh Rowan-Legg contributed to this story.

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