The Producers Of TROLLHUNTER Return With Road Racing Comedy BORNING

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There have been a flood of fast car movies releasing around the globe in recent years for one very simple reason: The Fast And The Furious. The blockbuster franchise has been a huge hit all around the globe, leading local producers to scramble to put their own regional stamp on the formula in hopes of repeating that success. But when it comes to Hallvard Bræin and his upcoming Børning they've cast their eye a little farther back when looking for a touch point. Yup, Bræin and his producers - the same team that was behind Andre Ovredal's Trollhunter - aren't citing the Fast franchise on an influence on this one, preferring instead to nod to The Cannonball Run.

The story revolves around an illegal road race running from Oslo to the north cape of Norway, a no holds barred affair in which our lead characters are a gifted driver and his estranged teen daughter along for the ride. The first teaser is freshly arrived, take a look below.

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  • Sand_i_skoen

    In the headline: The word Borning should be changed to Burning tires or Burnout

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