THE HUSBAND Gets Doored In Latest Teaser

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Bruce McDonald's dark comedy hits the big screen on this coming Friday with its theatrical run beginning at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. And if you want a taste at the film's very dry sense of humor, well, look no further than the latest teaser to arrive on the scene.

Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, who co-wrote the movie, stars as a man steadily unravelling as he cares for his infant son while his teacher wife (Sarah Allen) serves a jail sentence for sleeping with a teenaged student.
THE HUSBAND stars Maxwell McCabe-Lokos (The Tracey Fragments, Lars and the Real Girl, Mouth to Mouth), August Diehl (Salt, Inglorious Bastards, The Counterfeiters, Mouth to Mouth), Sarah Allen (On The Road, Human Trafficking), and Jodi Balfour (Bomb Girls, Final Destination 5).

Take a look at the latest teaser below. And remember: There are mirrors on your car for a reason.

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