Teaser For South African Doc THE BOERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD

, Contributing Writer (South Africa)
A teaser has been released for The Boers At The End Of The World, a South African documentary project that began to gather steam on Indiegogo last November:

Over a century ago, 800 Boer families left South Africa and sailed to Argentina, escaping a war they had just lost and a government they didn't want. The Boers - Dutch for "farmers" - headed into the arid heart of Patagonia where they found a land that reminded them of their beloved Karoo desert. There, they started a new life.

Today, this outpost still exists. They speak archaic Afrikaans, bake melktert, attend the NG Kerk on Sundays and sing the old Boer songs. But despite a fierce pride in their roots, the culture has been eroded over time, and only a handful still speak their mother tongue.

 This is a parallel world of contemporary Afrikaans society - a glimpse of how a culture has evolve on the far side of the world.

Capetonian director, Richard Gregory, is a documentarian who premiered his first feature-length work, Crumbs: Toppling The Bread Cartel (trailer below), at last year's AFDA Film Festival. Bread is a dietary staple in South Africa, and the film follows Imraahn Mukaddam, a bread reseller who blew the whistle on a nation-wide bread price-fixing scandal, in his fight for social justice. 

Look out for Crumbs, and look forward to Boers.
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